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De Tokio a Lima had barely opened its doors before word had already spread about our restaurant’s exciting fusion cuisine. Taking his inspiration from Asian, Mediterranean and South-American kitchens, our chef weaves intricate tapestries of flavours and techniques which wow local and visiting foodies alike. From shrimp fritters with orange dressing, rocoto and lime to glazed Iberian pork with sweet-sour sauce and papaya salad, diners are treated to fresh ingredients which are prepared in ways which surprise and delight in equal measure. Beautifully presented meals are a perfect combination of texture and taste, right down to the creamy pie of Sóller lemons. Enriched with meringue and sorbet, it’s only one of the desserts certain to bring sweet-toothed gourmands to their knees. Everything on the menu is sourced from fresh ingredients and cherry picked by the chef himself. You can dine indoors, surrounded by the restaurants’ arresting artworks or on the terrace amidst potted plants and soft lighting.

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A winding 19th-century chequerboard staircase takes you to our second-floor lounge and bar. Inspired by the English gentlemen’s clubs of 18th-century Britain, this light-filled space exudes an air of luxury and refinement. Whether you’ve spent a scorching day on a golden beach or giving your credit card a bit of a work-out, the indoor lounge offers a cosy refuge for you to wind down and put your feet up. Our twin terraces are truly something else. Not only do they treat diners and cocktail lovers to unrivalled views over the Paseo del Borne, the terraces are so close to the trees that you feel as if you could reach out and touch their fanciful foliage. 

Far above the hurly-burly of Palma’s city centre, each dreamy terrace is a lofty oasis and perfect setting for chic drinks or alfresco dining. The terrace dedicated to delectable cocktails made by a top-notch drink-mixing team is also accessible to the local cognoscenti. Find your own little nook to quietly soak up the views with an expertly-made negroni in hand or nab a seat in the thick of it and enjoy the burble of Spanish chatter all around you. The terrace abounds with plush sofas, potted plants and trees, and boasts a smart little bar serving Champagne Vueve Clicquot and Beluga caviar temptations. 

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