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Meet Can Alomar’s makers and the stories behind their fascinating artworks.

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Art Can Alomar Mallorca


Roland Fischer defines photography as a medium linked to painting through which he achieves a direct representation of the visible world with the help of digital tools. The portrait and architecture are the two backbones of his work.

Best known for his portraits, such as the illusionistic “Chinese Pool Portraits”, which respond to his desire to isolate the protagonist from his geographical context. 


“Words are unlikely to end up replacing images, so it is also unlikely that explaining my work makes sense. 

I think trying to decipher part of nature’s codes – chaos – so close to the acts of unconsciousness and brutality of the predators calling themselves sapiens is quite a long journey.

A journey where the artist, the seller of dreams, the social buffoon, that is to say, me, considers himself as Simon of the desert to climb the watchtower from where he can observe and, perhaps, witness, on a personal level, a reality visible from a distance.

A distance that, fortunately, allows art and, also, science to come out like a little breath of fresh air.”

By Guillem Nadal.

Guillem Nadal Can Alomar Mallorca
Guillem Nadal Can Alomar Mallorca (2)
Art Can Alomar Mallorca 3
Prudencio Irazabal Can Alomar Mallorca


His work is defined by its great luminosity and intense emotion created through complex colors and removed from all narration and symbolism. 

“I can talk about colours; Colour is the medium. The light is the end. For me, color is the embodiment of light. Working with light is not my goal. For me the light is outside, and I have to manipulate it to put it on the canvas. But I can’t directly touch it. I have to create a light, but I don’t think about light. What I think about is colour.”


Intuitive, spontaneous and without an implicit message. 

Manolo Ballesteros produces highly complex interplays of geometry, where the viewer is immersed in an energetic and dynamic work. 

He lets the painting express itself through form and brushwork, giving primacy to colour, gesture and emotion.

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Art Can Alomar Mallorca
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